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Get Ready for the Wedding Season with Our Special Women Clothing Collection: Wedding Formals

Get Ready for the Wedding Season with Our Special Women Clothing Collection: Wedding Formals

The best time of the year is finally here now that the weather has begun to change. But the excitement for the wedding season is often paired with the anxiety of finding the right outfit. Everybody wants to look picture-perfect at the innumerable events that are typically celebrated during a Pakistani wedding. This wedding season, you can create a unique look at every event with the help of Zara Shahjahan’s wedding formals. 


Be Bold, Be You!

The wedding season is the perfect time for you to be yourself unapologetically. You can go all out and choose the most luxurious outfits, paired with fancy heels, to turn heads at the festivities. One of the best things about women clothing is that you can decide what kind of stitching you want. So, not only can you choose colors and designs that resonate with you, but you can also choose a stitching style that matches your preferences. 


For those who find great comfort in getting to choose their own stitching style, Zara Shahjahan offers unstitched festive collections. But if you don’t have time to go through the hassle of getting a dress stitched yourself and prefer professional tailoring instead, then our ready-to-wear wedding formals collection is what you should be looking at. 


Choose the Right Size

When it comes to women clothing, the most important thing is the size. If you don’t wear the right size, you will fail to pull off a perfect look. But if you choose the right size, you will look effortlessly beautiful in your outfit. 


So, how do you choose the right size? By checking out the women clothing size chart on clothing websites. A size chart can help you figure out which size would complement your figure perfectly. If you don’t see women clothing size chart on a website, then it is a sign that you should get your wedding season outfit from a different brand. 


Sometimes, even if there is a size chart, it isn’t inclusive of all body types. The large sizes are just an inch or two bigger than the medium. Due to this reason, it is difficult to find women’s plus size clothing when you are shopping. Inclusive charts have a clear difference between medium and large, so, keep that in mind if you are looking for women’s plus size clothing in Pakistan. 


We want you to look your best in our wedding formals, which is why we give you the option to view the size chart every time you are looking at a dress. With the help of our detailed size chart, your women clothing online shopping will become a lot easier. 


A Splash of Color

Wedding outfits in Pakistan are often associated with bright and bold colors. If you want to go down the traditional route, then you can buy wedding formals in colors like red, rose pink, and maroon. Purple is another refreshing color that can help you create a stunning wedding look. 


Our wedding formals are available in all the traditional wedding colors for you to choose from. We use bambar raw silk to design the most beautiful and comfortable wedding dresses for you. These heavily embroidered formal dresses come with exquisitely designed organza dupattas to help you achieve the perfect traditional look. 


Be Different, Wear a Lighter Shade!

Pakistani weddings are all about colors and glamor. Mehndi functions are incomplete without the house of the bride being decorated with marigolds, and red roses take over the stage on the day of Barat. Twinkling lights are used to decorate the houses of both the bride and the groom. But despite all of that, there’s no rule preventing you from wearing a lighter shade at a wedding. 


Colors like white, golden, and aqua have a grace of their own, which is why if styled right, they can make for a perfect wedding outfit. Embroidered shirts and embellished dupattas can instantly transform a lighter color fabric into the best wedding dress you have ever seen. 


We understand that not everyone wants to follow the traditional route. After all, there’s nothing more exciting than breaking the norm and being different. So, if you are not a fan of typical red wedding dresses, you can check out our wedding formals for other options. You will find a number of lighter shade outfits to choose from. 


Pick Traditional Jewelry

Once you are done with your women clothing online shopping for the wedding season, it is time to turn to jewelry. Your wedding look will be incomplete without traditional jewelry that pairs well with your outfit. For Pakistani weddings, you can go all out and choose heavy jewelry pieces instead of picking smaller accessories. If you want a statement piece that you can wear with different outfits, then you can go for a necklace in gold and white. As most wedding formals feature golden embroidery, your statement piece will match them perfectly. 


But if you want your jewelry to match your outfit, then you can buy necklaces and earrings with the right colored stones. For instance, if you will be wearing a red and green dress, you can go for earrings and a necklace with the same colored stones in them. You can also get a red and green teeka to complete your wedding look. 


We greatly value traditional designs whether it is in women clothing or in jewelry. That’s why the traditional elements can be seen in all of our designs. Our gold-plated jewelry comes in traditional designs that never get old. You can get anything from necklaces and earrings to teekas to pair with your wedding outfits from our store. Our jewelry pieces are available in both neutral colors and multi-colored stones so you can choose according to your preference. 


Pull Off the Perfect Wedding Look!

This wedding season, create dazzling looks with Zara Shahjahan’s wedding formals. Pair your outfits with traditional jewelry pieces, fancy heels, and embellished clutches to look picture-perfect at every event. 


Don’t forget to complete your look with bold lip colors and eye makeup. Make sure that your makeup and hairstyle go well with your outfit. And since wedding functions in Pakistan go on for days, you can try a different look every day to your heart’s satisfaction.

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